What Can I Use My Domain For?

Host Your Website

Your domain name will be the new home of your website and will be how the search engines and other visitors can find your website. Remember we also offer free domains with some of our special deal packages.

Domain Email Account

Your can setup any e-mail names you wish i.e. sales@yourdomain.co.uk accounts@yourdomain.co.uk, dave@yourdomain.co.uk etc. This will look much more professional on business cards and other branded literature presented to your customers or prospects.

Point it at Your Existing Site

A new domain can redirect to your exisiting site if you have one. This can be very useful to protect your brand or cover common misspellings. You can have more than one domain if you wish eg. yourdomain.com and yourdomain.co.uk.

Safeguard for the Future

Protect your ideas or your Company Name by registering relevant domain names and preventing anyone else using them whilst you continue to renew.

Order a Domain Name

Once you have checked the domain name(s) you would like is available you can order it by giving us a call on 01789 471541. It may be worth including your main keyword in your domain name to help with the search engine rankings.


Latest information regarding the registration and pricing of Domain names. (August 2017)

Powerscribe offer fully managed personal services for small and medium sized businesses. In this regard we generally offer a higher level of telephone/email support than is currently available from most bulk domain name providers. We do keep our customers informed at all times of any changes or developments regarding their domain name management including renewal reminders, pricing notifications, new domain extensions etc.

However, both Nominet and ICANN have recently issued fresh instructions to all resellers and registrars regarding the manner in which we conduct our business with customers to ensure that they are well informed and receive the appropriate support and notifications in a timely fashion. Our general terms and conditions (section 6 items 6.1 6.4) do cover the basic details but as the requirements of the main providers vary in a number of ways we have amended the details under ‘Domains’ in our general terms and conditions as follows:


Powerscribe act as agents between the customer and the domain name registration authorities and ultimately the contract for domain names is between the customer and the appropriate authority. Registrations for UK domains will be subject to the terms and conditions issued by Nominet the UK registration authority of which MCL are members. Other registrations will be the subject of additional terms and conditions either by ICANN, the USA registration authority, or where applicable, their official registrars.